Easiest Fall Off the Bone BBQ Ribs Recipe


We all long for those summer sunny days where everyone is together, music pumping, vibes flowing, and the barbeque grilling, with my personal favourite, ribs. I can’t tell you how much winter makes me miss this but luckily for us, I have the easiest oven recipe for bbq ribs we can indulge in during these cold months and it only requires a few ingredients. So why not bring summer to us?

Prep Time: 20M      Cook Time: 2h 45M


1 Rack of Back Ribs

1 Bag of Mini Peppers (Red, Yellow, Orange)

1 Cup of Diana Rib Sauce (or sauce of choice)

Pinch of Black Pepper

*The amount of rib sauce will vary depending on your preference*

Preheat Oven to 150•C (300•F)

Start by placing removing the membrane from the bone side of the rack. Place two sheets of aluminum foil on the baking tray (this is gonna help prevent your sauce from leaking later). Take your favourite rib sauce, I used Diana Sauce to help me save time on a school night, and evenly coat on both sides then place the ribs on the tray bone side up.

Take another two pieces of foil and cover the top of the ribs, rolling the foil in facing up. Put the tray into the oven and let it slow cook for about 2h 30m. While it’s cooking wash and cut the peppers to add later.




Remove the ribs from the oven and reset it to broil. Open the foil (you can drain the excess sauce but I like to keep it for rice or potatoes!) and cut the ribs into 2-3 pieces, add more sauce on each side and place bone side up. Then toss the peppers in and place to broil for about 3 mins, then turning the ribs for another 2 minutes.

Take ribs out of the oven and serve hot, paired with your favourite sides.

Enjoy your perfect fall off the bone ribs with peppers!




Share this recipe with your family and friends, or try it yourself! Whats your favourite sauce for ribs?

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2018 Blogging Goals + Healthy Habits

2018 Blogging goals + Healthy habitsBoy oh boy has this past year been full of surprises! I can’t wait to fill you guys in now that I am starting to write again here on my blog. With tons of plans and goals I have for both my personal and blog life, it’s pretty exhilarating to be in this new chapter.

I’ve been blogging for over 3 years now on three platforms including this site, Instagram, and Youtube. As you know from my last blog post I hadn’t been on this site for over two years and I recently lost motivation and interest in the other two at the end of 2017, so now that I am back I feel I can finally dedicate my “all” to this blog again.  2018 is going to be the year of growth. I want Nette’s Scrapbook to be a huge part of my growth and help put myself out there more! Here I am laying it out on the table for my own accountability and to help inspire others, what’s sweeter than that?


2018 Blogging Goals…

  1. Being Consistent  – I can’t tell you how much I struggle with this on so many different aspects of my life and it’s probably the one that affects me the most. Different things influence it from time to time such as my lack of interest/motivation, or self-approval. Regardless I need to kick my butt into gear and dedicate time to it if I really want to flourish. Take it like parenting, you gotta do your best no matter how rough life can get. Writing more about what I love and what is relatable will definitely help keep the consistency flowing!
  2. 100 Blog Posts – This is gonna be a tough one but I’m super excited to reach this goal, it forces me to be creative and really write and share with all of you the things that create interest and passion while getting TONS of content out there!
  3. Blog more places in the GTA – Whether it be a hidden gem or a popular restaurant, Toronto is an AMAZING place to gather for fun social events or quiet family getaways. Either way, I intend to share my findings!
  4. Reach 10K followers on Instagram – Already being close with 7000+ followers, I set the bar low here, baby steps I say, with everything going on I didn’t wanna overwhelm my focus on IG.
  5. Send out 20 pitches – I’ve been in contact with different brands before but I never personally put myself out there and pitched myself to a company I love. Something I will be doing this year for sure, hopefully it turns out for the best!


Practicing Healthy Habits…

  1. Exercise – This is another one at the top of the list. I’ve been longing to find confidence in my physical appearance and I don’t just mean an apple bottom or hourglass shape, but overall strength and security. I always think to myself “you’re a mother of two wonderful kids, why not be the best that you can be mentally and physically?”. Whether it be Yoga or Tabata its something I’m determined to achieve.
  2. Read More – I’ve always loved reading. It’s something about leaving reality for a while to enjoy a good story or learn something interesting that has me feeling revived and focused. “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”
    ― George R.R. Martin
  3. Early To Bed, Early To Rise… “makes a man person healthy, wealthy, and wise!” (see what I did there?). This one is pretty simple, get more sleep while being able to wake up early and conquer the day. I can’t stress enough how much of a morning person I am NOT… I’ll keep you posted on this one.
  4. Be More Grateful – I cherish everyone in my life and realize I don’t spend enough time to myself to be thankful for all the things that come my way. Knowing how easy it is to forget when feeling down, I want to be reminded of all those things in tough moments.
  5. Take More Photos – I got a collection I wanna build for me and my children. Pictures are worth a million words and I plan to take full advantage of it this year with more memories to be made.

Phew, that’s definitely more than a handful! The year is still beginning, what are your plans for 2018? Be sure to subscribe to keep my butt in gear and see this journey unfold.


Let’s stay in touch!


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Silky Straight with Art Naturals Argan Oil Line

Ever since I committed to going full force with curly hair care routine I’ve realized that when I did choose to straighten my hair I never used anything that properly hydrated it before the damage. Let alone a half decent heat protectant, either way, I would end up settling for a crappy one that doesn’t do justice or anything at all… burn baby burn…

Last summer I was contacted by Art Naturals to try out a few products from their Argan Oil Line, of course, I couldn’t wait to work with them to see how my curls would like their formula.

What I love about this brand is that they truly dedicate their time and care to where they source their ingredients from and how purely natural it is. They all derive from natural plants and are carefully picked and cured to perfection for the best results.

They had sent me their Shampoo, Conditioner, and Thermal Shield Spray.


In order for me to really test the waters on this product, I had to start with a full wash day on my curls using the Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. My very first impression when I opened the cap and poured the formula into my hand was “this smells amazing!” The scent was so organic and smelled like a bottle filled with the best essential oils… talk about major hair therapy! The conditioner is creamy and had a great amount of slip to easily detangle my curls in the shower. With no sulfates, parabens, perfumes, or alcohol these two are a killer combo.

When I got out of the shower was time for the true test, the thermal shield. All I could ask myself was “is this really going to protect my curls?”. Even though I was scared of damaging my curls I went ahead and gave it a shot. Applying a generous amount to each section, I made sure to comb the product through my hair before blow drying it. Once my hair was all blow dried, I went in with my flat iron to seal and smoothen out for a sleek and shiny look.

Art Naturals has easily won over a top spot in my current favourite hair products! Be sure to check out Art Naturals Website for more information on all of their products.





HELLO 2018 | Better Late Than Never + Where Have I Been?

Where have I been?… and what’s brought me back to blogging.


For everyone who was actively following my posts noticed I suddenly vanished from the blog scene completely. No heads up, warning, or update on what happened and after all that time it was exactly what I needed.

Let me be honest… at first, in January 2016 I started slowing down because I was having a hard time balancing my personal life, being a full-time mother, and blogging altogether. What I loved became a chore, something I didn’t genuinely feel like doing, and a high-stress factor. I wasn’t happy with myself at the time which made me lose complete motivation and passion for my hobbies.

Fast forward a few months later, I wanted to come back and try to pick up from where I left off hoping the inspiration would just come to me. So I go to log into my account… incorrect password… I tried again… no use. Then I go to reclaim my password only to realize that my email had been deleted from a very bad hacking experience I had at that time (so it’s important to be secure online) which didn’t allow me to do a password reset. At that point, I was beyond frustrated and started to give up complete hope on my blog. I considered creating a new one so many times but because I was so heartbroken over the loss of this one I never got around to it.

So what happened from Fall of 2016 to now? Let’s break it down.

  • I continued to do Instagram for a while reaching a whopping 7000+ followers!
  • Worked on and off with my Youtube channel (which I also lost motivation for at the time)
  • Had great collaborations and opportunities with brands I worked with
  • At the end of 2017, a lot of massive changes happened in me and my children’s lives
  • As of October of 2017, I took a full break from social media altogether to focus on regaining control and happiness

One night I was looking through my keychain passwords and came across the one for this site (face-palm). I couldn’t begin to tell you how excited I was to sign back in and continue this journey. Now here I am and its February 2018, I’m feeling motivated again and really missed my blogging platform. Looking back at all my old posts and content I see how much growth has occurred since then and now I’m excited to continue to keep sharing with you!

It sure feels good to be home.

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Homemade Whipped Cream

Yum, homemade whipped cream. I mean who couldn’t ask for any more of a treat? For all, you romance addicts or even just your sweet tooth’s this simple 3 step process will have you’re mouth watering all the way to the kitchen.

Most of you probably don’t realize how easy it is to really make this at home! All you need it two ingredients, some elbow grease, and you got yourself some fresh whipped cream ready to go.

You’re going to need:

  • 1/2 Cup 35% Whipping Cream
  • 2 Tbsp of White Sugar

Grab either a bowl and a whisk, or a container that is sealable and won’t leak. Add the cream, following with sugar and whisk your heart away (if you’re using the container shake it up!) Watch for the consistency and whip/shake until you reach a good texture you’re happy with. PLEASE be careful to not mix it for too long or else you might end up with some home-crafted butter!

Add to your favourite hot cocoa, coffee, or person 😉



What Does Mom Do After Hours?

My days are spent taking care of my two little ones, which never fails to be filled with learning, laughter, tears, fun and adventures. I am overly grateful to be spending these precious moments with them and I wouldn’t look back change the decision to stay at home. There is however, a moment of the day that I secretly look forward to, its normally after a goodnight kiss and a trip to dreamland.

I like to say that I am extremely productive at this time of night by doing my laundry, cleaning up, and preparing for the day ahead of us but the truth is I gotta take time for myself (as should everyone) so I have some rituals to share that I love do almost every night.


TV Binge. I’m pretty sure we’re all guilty of this but since I don’t have as much idle time as I used to, I’m spending a lot of nights watching marathons of episodes I’ve been trying to catch up on. Of course while still being semi-productive by folding my laundry or wrapping christmas gifts.

Care For My Hair. This could simply mean giving it a treatment or learning and practicing protective styling, since I never was a really creative braider, I thought it was time to pick up another skill.

Practice Yoga. Still going semi-strong. Trying to fit it in as much as possible so if I don’t have a mountain of laundry or chores, I’m trying out a new pose taught by Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube.

Surf The Net. Although I am online throughout the day its not the time for me to be spending countless minutes reading articles that interest me, and taking time to respond to all my emails. Which is best saved for after hours.

Live Through Music. Music is my sanctuary, its been my rock throughout all the rough patches growing up and I always need time to reconcile with it. Its changing every second and developing new forms of being expressed, I love finding new ones that help and relate to me.

Plan For The Next Day. Now this is something I need to spend more time doing because its super effective with helping me stay on track throughout the day with my children. Beneficial and something I need to get more used to.

Relax. This to me means literally laying down and doing absolutely nothing, possibly on my phone or reading a book but actually doing nothing. Time to be in the present and reflect or meditate.. its cleansing for my system and gives me time to organize my thoughts.


Let me know what you love to do when you have time to yourself.


Thanks for reading,


When The Time Is Right..

Hello everyone,

For those of you who don’t already know, this has been a terrible year for me when it came to committing to a healthy lifestyle. I’ve mentioned it a million times over on how I want to dedicate myself to becoming a better version of me by eating right, being more active, and bringing fitness into my daily routine.

Guilty for committing a crime towards myself I always inevitably find an excuse that persuades me to neglect that this is a priority, and the only person standing in my way is myself. Originally my plan was to wait until the new year (but I didn’t want to use that as an another excuse), then it got brought to this Monday, and now I am so eager to get going that I am going to start tomorrow.


  1. The early bird gets the worm. Although I do have two young children I am NOT a morning person in any way possible, which is something that needs to change considering they wake up pretty early. I need to be the first up, have a pre-workout meal, get in a workout, make breakfast, and start my day.
  2. Eat 5-6 meals a day. In dire need to boost my caloric intake if I’m going to be active again. Meaning more veggies, fruits, and shakes!
  3. Bring Yoga back into my everyday life. Its been about two weeks since I’ve done yoga every single day, and do I ever feel the side effects. Time to bring back mind, body, and soul meditation.
  4. Drink 2L of water a day everydayHalf way through November was when I slowly stopped reminding myself to drink more water, I feel and see the difference in my skin and body.
  5. Get more sleep. If I’m going to be able to manage all of this and survive, sleep is going to have to be more of a priority. I cannot stress to you how sleep has slipped away from my life.


Lets start with these simple five goals until the new year which is in 3 weeks, my progress will be documented again and hopefully I can add some more goals to that list!

A reminder to myself and anyone who feels discouraged YOU have to make the change, and I tell myself that all of the time not remembering to get up and actually do it. Being a mother of two young beautiful human beings makes me want to thrive to be the one to set heathy examples in their lives. I’ll be keeping small journal logs so I can remember all the important things to mention in my update.

To a better you,


– Nette.


DIY Hair Growth & Damage Repair Oil Treatment

I’m super excited to announce that its been seven months since I “big chopped”. These past months have been filled with trial and error teaching me new ways to care for my growing locks. I had promised myself that I wouldn’t bring heat anywhere close to my hair after finally cutting it, I fell victim to the sleek look of hot styling tools which again caused damage.

My curls we’re in desperate need for healing so I decided to do some more research on oils and of course I come across TONS of them with different uses and benefits. This is where I started to really consider what I wanted out of my hair, how I wanted it to be treated, and which oils I was going to choose. Since this is my first time creating an oil mixture to use as a treatment I was limited to purchasing a few, some of them can be super expensive (such as grape seed and almond oil) so I pretty much stuck with what I could afford, and what would work best for me and my current hair goals.

These are the oils I decided to try first,


Coconut Oil – The benefits to this oil are endless.. check out my post reasons to love coconut oil for a full post.

Almond Oil – This oil locks in shine, moisture, and strengthen hair follicles. Commonly said to prevent hair loss, and stimulate hair growth.

Castor Oil – Castor oil is one of my favourites as it strengthens hair by helping repair damage. This oil is also known to thicken and aid hair growth.

Jojoba Oil – Another household favourite, we use this on our skin as well. Its oils closes to the sebum that our body produces in regards to PH balance. Our scalp loves it as its so similar to our body oil, making it very easy to absorb. Also known for growing hair longer, treat dry scalp, and dandruff.

These are ALL NATURAL, non-processed oils that I ordered from Amazon. The measurements are never accurate I normally eye them out but I’ve made a rough estimate of the amounts I added into my current mixture.

1-1.5 Ounces of Coconut Oil

1 Ounce of Almond Oil

1 Ounce of Castor Oil

1-1.5 Ounces of Jojoba Oil



About once or twice a week I massage my scalp and detangle my hair with this mixture, and so far its been leaving my hair softer, shinier, and feeling much stronger. As far as growth comes, I have yet to measure my growth but since its been about a month and a half since I’ve added this to my hair care routine and I plan on updating everyone with my growth in February. I haven’t been taking progress photos of my achievements, which has fooled me into thinking I haven’t had much since the start of this journey.


Excited to see the results of this oil treatment!

What are some of your favourite oil?

11 Ways To Help With Seasonal Blues


For some reason, every year, I fall victim to seasonal affective disorder. It tends to make an appearance around the end of the summer or near the beginning of fall, and seems to disappear as soon as spring rolls back around. It never does fail to showcase its talents annually. Understanding that I am not alone when it comes to SAD, there are many people who go through it, and all of them experience it differently.

So this year I’ve made a promise to not let it consume my days, and have started doing things that lift my spirits and boost my mood, I hope these helpful to a lot of you. Here are 11 different ways that have been working really well for me this season..


  1. Spend some time with close friends, This seems like a no brainer but you’d be surprised how closed off some of us become once our mood dips, so give your bestie a call or shoot your neighbour a text, company can kill misery.
  2. Read A Novel, I’ll admit that I am not an avid reader of novels or stories anymore. I used to love to read hours on end as a younger girl but over the years it was a love that was forgotten, a great stress reliever and a habit I promise to pick back up.
  3. Take a hot bath or shower, We all know how great it feels to step out of a shower, help detox and clear your mind with a steamy bath, light some candles and start to unwind.
  4. Have A Warm Cup Of Tea, Or Coffee, which ever you prefer. This gives me time to myself, for some reason the routine of making my favourite drink lifts my spirits and calms me down. This is one of my favourites because its so quick, tasty, and there’s something about a warm drink that makes me happy.
  5. Listen to some music, Music is linked to our emotions and is known to be an extremely effective stress management tool. Slow, quiet, relaxing music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our mind, body, and soul.
  6. Get some fresh air, Pretty obvious right? While we all should know that this boosts our serotonin, but sometimes my unwillingness becomes so great I skip out. So after actually kicking myself in the butt and realizing how greatly this benefits me, I always try to squeeze in a few moments to get some air..
  7. Do some yoga, Let me share some advice for all my readers, this is a life hack. Yoga improves tension, anxiety, depression, anger, hostility, and gives you a jolt of energy. This is a practice that involves you focusing on yourself and you’re well being and has actually changed my life in little amazing ways. Take a look at Yoga With Adriene  for great Yoga videos.
  8. Start colouring,  A few weeks ago I came across an article about the benefits of colouring and decided to invest in some mandala books. I started colouring the night I got them and within 15 minutes I already felt more calm, happier, and had an interesting spark of creativity revisit my mind. (For more information on the benefits of colouring visit this site)
  9. Have a healthy snack, Food is essential to our survival, this we all know, and they are packed with vitamins! Eating a healthy snack that contains all the essential vitamins can change your whole day. Try for snacks packed with Vitamins B6, C, (Avocados, Broccoli) and get in you nuts they’re filled with magnesium!
  10. Write down your thoughts, I can’t begin to tell you how much this has helped me. Ever since I started blogging, I’ve been writing much more. The freedom of creative expression I have when writing, gives me an outlet I didn’t realize I had such easy access too. Definitely a great way to reduce stress, and a way to help clear your mind.
  11. Exercise, I know finding the motivation to workout, instead of curling up in your blanket to hibernate, can be difficult during this long cold season. I assure you it’s all for the good. 30 minutes a day of physical activity can reduce anxiety, enhance mood, and release natural chemicals in your mind and body improving overall health.

What are some of your tips to help battle seasonal blues?



Have a great week!





Take a look at my friend who inspired me to share this post with you, her youtube video on Avoiding Winter Blues – BlackGirlNamedBrown

What’s In My Bath ?

Hello to all you fantastic readers,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything beauty related, or anything at all for that matter, so I thought this would be a great addition to my blog. So many people are obsessed with hygiene (as they should be) and we’re always looking for new products or reviews to help us find what works best for our routine.

Just like many of you beauty or skincare fanatics, I too have to stop myself from indulging in a bunch of possible competitors for my bath shelf. Over the years it’s gotten so much better. I’ve somehow developed a bit of a knack for limiting myself to healthier products, but I still fall for the traditional brands every now and then.

Here is what I am currently using in my bath.



Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo (w/ Sea Kelp & Argan Oil)

Lets say hello to my newest cleanser which, I decided to try one day after recently damaging my hair with a flat iron. It is a sulphate free shampoo that gently cleanses and deeply moisturizes my hair. Helping it repair from the extreme damage I caused it.

Shea Moisture SuperFruit Complex 10 in 1 Renewal System Conditioner (w/ Marula Oil & Biotin)

This super fruit 10-in-1 renewal system is absolutely amazing. It’s super conditioning and moisturizes my hair, leaving it soft and super shiny and ready for a wash and go style. Did I also mention that it smells delicious!?



Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser

This is my all time favourite face wash. I’ve been using it for over a year now and love the way it cleans and moisturizes my face, and I especially love the way it removes all the dirt and makeup from a nigh out. (For more of a review check out my old post)

St. Ives Blemish Control Anti-imperfections Apricot Scrub

St. Ives had always been a staple in my skin care routine. I’ve been using this brand since about high school. Its a great way to remove blackheads and I only use it in targeted areas (such as my nose and above my chin).

Aveeno Skin Relief Shave Gel

Ever get the super dry itchy feeling after shaving? This has always been a huge problem for me, I searched far and wide for a brand that kept my skin soft and hydrated and this is definitely it ! Once I tried this creamy gel I never looked at another brand so far.



Olay Ultra Moisture Vanilla Indulgence 

I use this product on certain occasions, there are times where I rush to get ready and sometimes fall short with finding time to moisturize  properly. I found that it keeps my skin much more hydrated on the go than any other brand I’ve tried using, also the smell is pretty amazing.  This has been a great substitute to my regular routine, on those busy days.

Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Peppermint & Baby Unscented All In One Magic Soap

This product alone deserves its own review, so I am going to keep this short and sweet until I get around to posting it. This is a brand everyone needs to look into, its got a ton of uses and is ALL NATURAL. I use this as a body wash and I use it as a clarifier monthly on my hair. Let’s just say this is definitely a magic soap.

Live Clean Baby Shea Coco Butter Shampoo & Wash

For anyone following my blog, you already know about my switch from Aveeno Baby Wash to Live Clean Baby. This is the first time I decided to try the shea coco butter and it hasn’t failed me once, leaving my babies skin super soft and smelling sweet. (If you haven’t already seen the post check it out here)



I’d love to know what some of your favourite bath products are..